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CSPRA Ranger150 Memo view as PDF

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Galen Clark: 1866 Yosemite Guardian and the First California Park Ranger

Yosemite State Park Rangers
State Park Guardians (Rangers) at Yosemite State Park 1866-1906

Women in Uniform
Harriette "Petey" Weaver, the First Woman State Park Ranger

Badges, Patches Decals & Insignia
Used by California Park Agencies

State Park Directors & Division Chiefs Serving 1927 to 2016

History of the Park Ranger Uniform
Origins of the Uniform and the
Stetson Hat

State Park District Superintendents: 1928 to 1980

History of California State Park Anniversaries

California State Parks Commission and the Olmsted Report
First Parks Commission was Established in 1864, followed by Olmsted's Evaluation in 1865

K-9 Program History in California State Parks

State & Local Park Organization Recognition
State of California Medal of Valor State Park Recipients
Honorary Rangers

Historic Rosters & Employee Documents
December 1937 Permanent Employee Roster
September 1938 Employee Roster
1938 Park Employee Wages
November 1940 Employee Roster
May 1951 Employee Roster
December 1957 Employee Roster

1947 Division Beaches & Parks Field Operations Manual, 164 pages, 8.0MB PDF
1963 Division Beaches & Parks Naturalist Manual, 120 pages, 7.9MB PDF

Group, Statewide Meeting, and Training Conference Photos
June 1938 Statewide Ranger/Superintendent Meeting, Big Sur
Photo ID Location Map for June 1938 photo
* Photo ID Name Legend for June 1938 photo
June 1956 Statewide Ranger/Naturalist Conference, Big Basin
June 1956 photo ID
June 1957 Ranger/Naturalist Training, Big Basin
* June 1957 photo ID

Ranger 150

California State Park Rangers
150 Years of Service ~ 1866 to 2016
Galen Clark, at Yosemite Falls in
California's Yosemite State Park