February 8, 2016
Hi All, Working in conjunction with the NPS, the Ranger150 will be one of the main themes of Yosemite's Earth Day Celebration on April 23rd. All are invited! Featured on the Yosemite Website Event Page.

January 11, 2016 News Item Added - Ranger150 Coins

New Ranger150 Coins will be available about February 1st @ $15 each, postage included.
An order form will be available here soon.

January 8, 2016 News Item Added - Petey Weaver Book
One of the pending projects for the Ranger150 year is publishing the biography of Petey Weaver’s time in state parks, 1929-1950. Petey is considered the first woman park ranger.

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California State Park Rangers
150 Years of Service ~ 1866 to 2016