The California State Parks Rangers Association is an organization of State Park professionals dedicated to advancement of the highest principles of public service, established to support and preserve California State Parks for present and future generations. For over 50 Years, CSPRA has been the professional organization that truly cares first about protecting and preserving the values of California's State Park System. CSPRA is the organization for every State Park Professional. CSPRA holds an training and regular membershipn meetings throughout California.
The California State Park Anniversary Committee (CSPAC) started life as the 125th Ranger Anniversary Committee in 1990. The Committee was formed to organize, promote and celebrate the 125th anniversary of the appointment in 1866 of the first state park ranger Galen Clark. After the 125th Ranger Anniversary, CSPAC sponsored and promoted the 150th State Anniversary in 2000, the Lifeguard 50th Anniversary in 2000, the Off-Highway Recreation 35-Year Anniversary in 2006, and the K-9 Program Anniversary in 2009. In 2010, the 125th Anniversary Committee merged with the California State Parks Anniversary Committee (CSPAC). CSPAC sponsored the Firearms Program 40th Anniversary in 2011 and was one of the primary promoters and sponsors of the 2014 California State Parks 150th Anniversary.
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